“By now I was a full convert to split bamboo. I’d given away the last of my graphite rods: no more plastic for me!  Fishing with graphite, I decided, was like playing baseball on Astroturf.” – George BlackCasting A Spell, The Bamboo Rod and the American Pursuit of Perfection

I am very lucky to have lived within a half an hour of my favorite fly fishing rivers.  I have to admit that it may have been by design and not by chance.  As a “road warrior salesman” I could be all over Massachusetts but at 5pm I could find myself next to a good trout river by design and living next to (15 minutes) good trout rivers didn’t hurt either.  I had a good career, a good family and all the flyfishing that mattered to me.  It was all that I wanted!!

What I look for now is that great Swift Sulphur hatch.  In the past week I fished Cady Lane where my size 16-18 SH sulphurs  took 16 very good brookies and a 16 inch brown before 10 in the morning which, in my opinion, was a bit early for the sulphur action.  It was fun.

The next day found me in the flats above the duck pond where at 8am the trout seemed very scarce.  By 10 am sulphurs were popping and the trout made their appearance ( my theory is that they bows move up from the Duck Pond Pool into the flats to snag emergers. This is more of a fact since I’ve seen it over the years.  My “flats” adventure netted 4 bows between 16 and 18 inches and a few brookies on the ginger colored sulphur emergers seen above in sizes 16 to 18.  NOTE: all the fish were caught on 5X tippet.  No need to go gossamer with your leaders if you are fishing subsurface as with an emerger.  The best way to kill a trout while fly fishing is to play it to death on 7X or 8X which will happen with those tippet sizes.

Yesterday was a different story. I fished the section at the second pull off on River Road and besides 2 8 inch brookies I did nothing even though I saw many more brookies and some bows the day before.  Some time that happens. 

BTW, I never fished within a hundred yards of anyone on those three days and I was on the Swift and catching fish. The Pipe Pool as packed and the Y Pool parking area was jammed but I had the river to myself where I fished.

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