” Our leader spooked trout” are not the the cause of “heavy” leaders but THE CAUSE OF BAD PRESENTATION. “Lining” trout (dumping your fly line on top of the fish) or slapping your fly down on the water are some of the causes. You see this when fishing dry flies for rising trout.”

This has been a great month but never for the reason(s) that I would expect.  Over the decades July would be devoted to evening fishing with a dry fly.  My daytime fishing on the Swift would have me dusting tiny offerings and trying to avoid drag.  But in the last few years I’ve come to realize that the “rises” that I’ve seen are not to an adult fly but to an emerger AND a trout that is rising to a parade of adult flies will easily take an emerger pattern if presented correctly (thank you Sylvester Nemes).  

This is easily seen down on Cady Lane on the Swift. (or even at the Y Pool for that matter.)  The surface is disturbed by a surfacing trout BUT you don’t see what it picked off the surface BECAUSE what the trout took was an inch or three below the surface.  

What would I use? With the Sulphur-like flies hatching now I would tie on a size 18 to 20 soft hackle dressed SPARSELY and it would be tied to the business end of a 12 foot, 6X leader.

How would I present it?  DOWN AND ACROSS!  Let’s say that I’m at the head of a good run of maybe 50 yards long.  I’ll cast that SH down and across, sometimes on a fairly tight line and other times with slack and a lot of mending.  I like the tight line when a see a rising fish.  I’ll swing that right past his nose just like an emerging fly.  When casting a slack line remember to allow that line to straighten out below you and don’t rush into that next cast.  Many fish are caught when that fly stops its drift and rises to the surface.

Book Me For The Fall

Don’t wait too long.  It’s not too early to reserve a date to fish either the Swift, Ware, Millers or the EB for October and November.  Remember, these rivers are on the Fall stocking list and if the water holds up we will have great fishing.  

In the meantime it’s a good time to get to know the Swift and I don’t mean the mob spots but the out of the way areas.  Email me to set up a date.



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