If leaders are fished on a SUNKEN FLY then the leader visibility is a moot point. Modern leaders, if they are below the surface, are practically invisible especially the fluoro variety. Mono has made great strides to reduce light refraction over the past decade to where it’s almost a “no decision” between mono and fluoro. (Note: my sources are not retail outlets which have another agenda) – Me

Reader Hunter has the knack, the skill AND the patience to haul leviathans out of the Swift.  This was caught and released this past Sunday with a fly rod, two nymphs and a kayak plus the attributes listed above.

People would give me that “strange look” when I would mention monster brookies in the Swift the size of what you would fish for in Labrador.  Here’s the proof.

Hopefully we can add some LLS to the mix.

On another note the Swift rose from 45 to 110 cfs yesterday.  That may be with us for a while since no rain is in the forecast.

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Let’s beat the heat on the Swift in August.  My stream thermometer seems to be stuck at 58 degrees which is perfect and the fish are willing!


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