“Every fly rod, regardless of its action or length, is capable of casting several different weight fly lines.  The rods casting potential depends on the actual weight of the line beyond the rod tip.  The weight of that length of line dictates how the rod will cast.  Although the taper of the fly line has some effect on how the fly is presented, tapers don’t affect weight”. – Jim Bartschi, Scott Fly Rods. 

Read the quote at the top of the page.  Those are the words of an honest man as were the words of another rodmaker, E.C. Powell I believe, from 50 years ago.  The conventional wisdom is that you MUST match the rod to the line as in a 4wt rod to a 4wt line.  That’s good for starters but it’s not the end of the game.

The weight of the first 30 feet of fly line is supposed to maximize the casting potential of that 4wt rod. But what if you are casting 40 feet?(5wt land) It doesn’t mean that you have to go and buy a 5wt rod because your 4wt rod can handle it easily. Remember that some fly casters will overload their rod with a line that is one or even two weight classes heavier than the rods weight designation to cast for distance quickly.  They may sacrifice finesse but they get the job done.  Some line manufactures try to help them along by building their lines on the heavy side of the designation making a 5wt a “5.75wt”.
What about casts shorter than 30 feet?  Nobody will suggest that you have  to rig up a 3wt for the occasion.  Your 4wt is fine.  In the last decade I’ve gotten into the habit of underlining my 4wt rod with a 3wt DT line on the Swift and the Farmington.  I can manage to get the distance I need  and still get the delicate presentation.  Lefty Kreh taught me that (not in person but in print).  One thing I will not do is rig a 3wt rod with a 1wt line if I need some real distance or if it’s a windy day.  I can handle any tiny fly situation with a 4wt bamboo, a 3wt DT and a 12 foot leader.  I will be loaded for bear!!!!
Size 20 BWO Emerger                             


Make sure that you have plenty of these for August AND especially for the Fall.  Find yourself on the Swift, the Millers or the EB on a cloudy cool day and you will see these critters.
I tie mine with a new “secret sauce” as far as the thorax is concerned and I’ve dumped the Dun version and go with the emerger exclusively which is visible on the surface even when the the body is below the surface.  The wing material floats like crazy.
Size 20 DHE
Or use the finest deer hair that you can find and use this traditional wing material instead.  
Lost Fly Box – Someone lost a loaded fly box down in Cady Lane around the 3rd of this month.  Contact me if you find it and I’ll connect you with the owner. – Ken
The Rivers

This tropical storm will really dump a lot of rain WEST of the Connecticut River which is GOOD as it will really recharge the aquafers which we really need for a good Autumn.  The EB and the Millers will be fishable for sure (once the water goes down.
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