“As you’ve worked your way through a pool the lot you’ve been cast in life means less then how well you cast” – Mike Fitzgearld S.

A few years ago I took a trip to Montana because I just had to see, fish and feel those rivers that I’ve been reading about.  Now, I’m not one of those unlucky ones, trapped in some condo miles, or worse yet, hours away from the nearest trout river.  I”M SURROUNDED BY THEM! Not rivers of Montana standards of course, but good trout fishing none the less.  But going to Montana would be nice at least to see what it’s all about.

I  had to take a flight from Hartford to Atlanta AND THEN take a flight to Bozeman.  The first thing I noticed was that at least 1/3 of the overhead carriers carried rod tubes.  God only knows how many rods went into standard luggage!  I then began to think of how many flights were to land in Bozeman that day and how many rod tubes would be unloaded.  I kept saying to myself – “It’s a big state, don’t worry”! (you know you’re in trout country when guides are in the terminal holding signs with their clients names on them).

To make a long story short, the fishing was good, the rivers were beautiful and the mountains were beyond belief BUT I still kept thinking of my Home Rivers.  I found myself checking the Ma weather, the rainfall, the river flows and shooting emails back and forth with other trout bums.

I also remember that I hit the Millers the day after I got back.

    It was then that I really began to appreciate what we have here just like the Montana native who looks at the floatilla of drift boats and thinks “glad I don’t have to travel to do that”.

As you know we have the chance of hooking (but not necessarily landing) a 10lb brown on the Swift along with the best concentration of brookies in New England.

So, plan your trips but don’t forget your Home Waters. My best fly fishing memories are from right here in Massachusetts!

The Drought

We need rain!  the entire state is on the dry side and with the exception of the Swift all the rivers are low.  The Swift flow has been on a roller coaster  ride over the last week with a 112 flow a week ago, a 53 cfs flow yesterday and now a 131 flow as I write.  What we need is about 3 inches of rain over 3 days!!!

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