On another topic, I just wanted to compliment you on your writing. All of your posts are enjoyable reading – clear, succinct, and well-written. The one before this was particularly good. It really captured a  sense of place, your experiences, and the unpredictability that makes fishing fun.  Reader John 7/23

A Jewel From Cady Lane

Another morning just like the others.  On the river at 7am, the Y Pool lot is full, the Pipe/Tree Pool are filling up and and I have close to a mile of water all to myself.  I’m fishing Cady Lane on the Swift.

I have been haunting the place since Memorial Day with brookies and browns coming to the net and of late, some beefy bows are in the mix.

Here are some hints:

1. A 45 cfs flow may look like a trickle to some but it’s perfect for trout hunting BECAUSE  you have greater mobility in a lower flow. Most over-your-waders pools are now waste deep and you don’t have to negotiate those steep banks to get in.  Find a place to get in and you can walk up and down the river, a task that is not so easy with a flow of 115 cfs.

2. Even with the lower flows DO NOT WALK ON THE DARK GREEN WEED BEDS!!  These beds are like quicksand and you can get stuck.  Walk on the ribbons of sand and gravel which are easily seen.

3. Get there early or stay late. The kayak crowd will hit the place after 10 am and on weekends it’s a mess.

4. The Flies – My version of a Gartside Nymph is a constant producer down in the jungle. I add a bit of weight to the body so it is effective in higher water and it’s best fished with a “twitch” (a twitch is only about 20% of a “strip”).

5. “Reduced Buggers” (size 12 dressed sparsely with a peacock body instead of chenille also fool browns and brookies.

6. My Sulphur Soft Hackle in sizes 16 and 18 proved itself yesterday morning.  I began to see the telltale insect launching themselves and then came the occasional trout breaking the surface with that porpoise-like rise.  I put on a size 18 SSH attached to a 12 foot 6x tippet and made quartering casts downstream in front of every
rising trout.  It represented a sulphur swimming to the surface and a mixed bag of brookies and bows totaling about a dozen must of thought so too.

Then came the Kayaks. You can always hear them before you see them.  I’ve noticed that a passing kayak or two will not knock the fish down but a steady stream will.  I wish they would stay below the boat launch!!!

The Rivers This Weekend

As I write the flows are:

Millers – 517
EB – 172
Swift – 46

The Millers and the EB are very fishable IN THE EVENING!!  We have great flows but oppressive heat this weekend.  Fish at sundown on the two above rivers.

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Found the homes of two very big browns, 24 to 30 inches, down deep in the “Lane”.  Next time.



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